General rules for visiting the Altai Republic

Nature in the culture of the indigenous inhabitants of Altai is closely connected with the concepts of "sacred", "divine".

Altai is an open-air temple; places of rituals (Baylu jer) are, in particular, mountain passes (Boochi), holy water sources (Arzhan), banks of rivers and lakes. Bailu jer demand strict observance of silence, cleanliness, and a ban on the use of alcohol.

For example, when visiting the pass for the first time, locals tie clean white ribbons of chintz fabric of a certain size (Kyira) on a birch or larch. This is a symbol of tribute to natural patrons (to the whole of Altai and the owner of the mountain - Ee3i) and a request for the favor of the spirits towards themselves and their loved ones. Therefore, you should not thoughtlessly hang various rags, napkins and other garbage on trees.

The water element among the Altaians is the “border of the worlds”: earthly life flows along the banks, along the bottom lies a path forbidden for the living to another world. The beginning of the river is in contact with the sacred center, inaccessible and incomprehensible to an ordinary person. Being near water bodies, it is not allowed to spit and defecate into the water, to desecrate places of worship erected in honor of sacred springs.

  • Do not disturb the tranquility of the area in the evening and at night with noisy exclamations, loud singing, do not light slopes with headlights and do not build large fires;
  • Don't stay overnight near isolated trees, caves, mounds, and other archaeological sites;
  • In populated areas, near heritage sites, except for places specially designated for recreation, do not go in swimsuits or in the nude;
  • In passes and mountain tops, don't shout, don't throw rocks, don't cut trees for firewood, don't light fires, and don't set up camp;
  • Don't leave writing on rocks, rocks, trees, or rock art;
  • Do not tie rags, handkerchiefs, gauze, medical masks anywhere;
  • Don't throw away unextinguished cigarettes, don't leave fire unextinguished, and don't leave trash behind.